Sam Wilson – Editor

Sam Wilson came to the UK in the early eighties with her husband who, at the time, worked in ForEx for a US bank. During the two year placement, Sam (she hates the name Samantha) fell in love with England and refused to ‘ditch the place even after my husband ditched me!’   Originally with two Doctorates in Biological and Chemical Sciences, she put her science career on hold to bring up her children.   She calls editing ‘junkscience UK her ‘comeback’ and feels it was made for her as she openly detests the misleading or downright incorrect conclusions scientists and people working in the Health arena can make, especially when they have hidden agendas and/or vested interests. ‘People deserve the truth’, she says. ‘And just because someone supposedly in authority is saying this nonsense doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be exposed. As one of our presidents Benjamin Franklin said, ‘It’s the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority’, and if we have good information that’s what we will do. Especially when they are talking scientific junk.’